Sunday, March 29, 2009

F1 season started.

Today F1 started for new season for 2009. I had chance to watched it on office TV this afternoon. The controversial team was winning. Button and Barichelo from Brawn get in podium for 1st and 2nd place.

When the F1 season come, the memories during F1 familiarization will come. Unless the program was happen last 2 year the sweet memories with the quiz winner is still fresh in mine. We are very lucky due a lot of F1 information and experience we were catches. All friend around petronas opu in m'sia and oversea were gathered together on that time. Today when talking about F1 a lot of information that i can share to other people. A free F1 t shirt will become an eye catcher if I wearing it.

Some time I asking myself when all the friend during the program will be meet again. Does it need some reunion for all the winners? Thru this blog i like to share some of the moment during that time. I don’t know when the moment will come again. For me watching F1 in the circuit is wasted if seat at other than grandstand.....

behind the BMW Sauber Pit

bahrin, Yu and Subha

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